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Adults, do heads turn when you enter a room? Does your aura exude confidence and style? We empower you to develop your signature style and… Enhance your brand. Own your image! It’s your personal best. Your appearance & style directly affects your behavior, body language, credibility, capabilities, and the perception others have of you. When applied properly, your clothing and grooming serve as a catalyst to help you achieve personal and professional success. Your aura or persona sends a message before communication begins.

It takes approximately 5 seconds to make an impression…To present a powerful personal or professional appearance. We want your light to shine at its best within this timeframe. Your total image is your “visual business card”.

In this marathon paced society, “style” is the “new normal” and you need more than a great smile to be remembered. When you approach the world, your personality is the one thing people remember. Own it. You cannot hide it. It is your personal brand. Picture this: if you are product sitting on a store shelf, how will your product be packaged to grab the attention of shoppers? How will your image or "Brand" market or impact others and what does it communicate? Charm School, Inc. teaches you how to project a positive image so that others will regard you more favorably. Charm School, Inc. is a pillar in the industry and a well-established Image and Fashion Consulting firm - sought out by clients who are climbing the ladder of success! We are dedicated to providing you top notch industry expertise to set you apart from the rest. Our experienced image stylists are highly regarded professionals and well educated in the business arena. We provide decisive solutions, personality enhancement, image management services, Social Etiquette, networking strategies, dress for success fashion advice, and makeover services. Our Image Consultants help you define your personal style – your Brand.

We provide a variety of Image services including:

  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Body Structure Analysis
  • Fashion Styling Advice
  • Wardrobe Analysis
  • Accessorizing Techniques
  • Personal Shopping
  • Color Analysis
  • Networking strategies
  • Public Speaking
  • Makeovers & More!

Your image speaks volumes at first glance and before you say Hello! At Charm School, Inc. “beauty is a frame of mind derived from your inner being”. Your image is special and once mastered - no one can take it away regardless of age, shape or size.Your personal presentation should be a clear representation of your personality, lifestyle, career goals and social interests. Charm School, Inc. will teach you how to manage your image and appearance so that you feel confident and comfortable about the image you want to project.

Your image package is customized to meet your personal, professional, and social needs. Our image consultants take these things into consideration along with the natural distinctions that make you unique. By combining the personal and professional aspects of your life, our image consultants create a powerful appearance that will enable you to:

  • Acquire Makeover techniques to compliment your facial features and skin tones
  • Choose timeless hairstyles
  • Dress to Impress
  • Choose appropriate attire for the occasion
  • Become poised for success
  • Discover your signature style

Charm School wants your brand to send a message that you are an accomplished professional!We offer weekly image training packages by session or based on a reasonable hourly rate that allows you flexibility based your budget; you set your schedule based on your availability.

Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking

Charm School offers a variety of workshops, seminars and classes on image, style, poise, personal presence to colleges, companies, organizations, groups, and associations. Our seminars and workshops are fun, educational and interactive. You will be moved and motivated to take action!


Professional Leadership Coaching

Unleash your full potential! Develop your leadership style. Identify your strengths and areas for requiring further development. Seasoned coaches work one-on-one with clients and serve as catalysts for positive change and professional growth. We challenge our clients to develop specific action plans to maximize their potential, improve performance, and increase productivity.


Personal Shopper & Fashion Styling

We thought you’d like to know….Just for you…Charm School’s Image Consultants would love to shop for you.

You simply relax and enjoy!

Let us do the Shopping! A Charm School fashion consultant will personally design a custom style solution and confirm a time for your Personal Shopping appointment within 24-48 hours of receiving your request.  With ease, you simply call us on 240.354.4220 or express interest on line at:

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Ready to redefine your style?


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