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I'm often complimented on my "Professional" look.  Many say "You, look so Professional. I like the new you.  I like your new hair styles."  My supervisor has noticed my new level of confidence.  For the first time in 8 years, I received the highest Performance Appraisal score resulting in the largest increase my organization offers 5%.  I also received a $1000 bonus!  Miss Austin – Waldorf, MD


 To The Best Charm School Professor in the world! Thank you for being a marvelous mentor and mother figure. You were the reason why I was so excited to learn new things. Words can’t describe all of the wonderful things that you have done. Love you and I am appreciative for everything you have done for me. ''Life is a beautiful struggle the more you go through, the more you learn from it and create a better life'' Also thanks for everything! I don't know what I would do without you! Tatiyana Oliver - Landover, MD 


 Your poise in my uncertainty and under pressure on your call and your admonition to have love as the answer has been reverberating in me.  I learn so much from our interactions.  Thank you so much Prof. Higgins!  Candice Mitchell – Dallas, Texas


Our youth need more people like Prof. Higgins Mrs. Rose - Annapolis, MD


Caterina was selected to be in the National American Miss Maryland Pageant.  Charm School definitely helped in me getting selected because of my poise, confidence, and ability to speak up for myself. Without Charm School it would've been much more difficult to present myself the way I did. Also, Charm School training helped during the pageant because now I already know how to walk for the runway. Caterina Rose – Los Angeles, California


I want to thank you for being such an inspirational educator during my college career. I spoke very highly of you during a recent conversation I had with the Dept. Chair Dr. Watson. I hope all is well, and again my sincerest thanks for everything you've taught me. Best, Darryl Stevenson

I just want to say thank you again for letting me have this great opportunity to experience the excitement of New York City, and an awesome time on BET 106 and Park!!! I had such a GREAT TIME. Also I'm starting to see that I am very interested in Modeling and am very eager in learning more about it, I really appreciate it A LOT!  Sincerely, Zachary Jones – Cheverly, MD 


Prof. Higgins looks deeper within her students. She does more than just teach, she searches for their inner gift and blossoms it.  Her confidence inspires me to do more…to be more.  S. Akuffo

You are so interested in the well being of youth and you need to be in every school.  Mr. Brian

I applaud your efforts!  I could see that the ladies got so much out of your training! – L. Burnim – First Lady of a HBCU

We praise your name in this house!  We always ask – what would Ms. Higgins say if she saw you sitting like that? – Mrs. Eggleston

Congratulations for doing a fabulous job!  Sophia is doing so much better. She looks so great! She has made many strides and has come a long way.  Her boldness with poise is amazing.  She holds her own and is on her P’s & Q’s.  Everyone who saw her says she looks so good! I am going to recommend you to others. – Mrs. John

I wish more women were like you – Brian

You have such a big heart.  You are a cheerleader for everyone who meets you! Many Accolades to Prof. Higgins Ms.  Tyama

My family was charmed with the Charm School program for young ladies! My daughter worked with Ms. Higgins before entering her first pageant. We were thrilled when she won talent and placed Top 5 in casual wear modeling and overall competition. Charm School has what it takes to guide today’s girls to success by building their confidence and teaching the skills they need to shine on stage or anywhere that life takes them. – Ms. McConnell

“Ms. Higgins gave me a reason to continue to live. I have been in mourning since losing my wife of 50 years. I wanted to cross over.  She was confirmation that God has something in store for me. She is truly a woman of stature. Her presence and encouraging words inspire me to keep living.” – Mr. J. Skinner

I love Prof. Higgins class and actually look forward to coming to class.  She has a unique way of empowering people to reach their potential.  Her classes are interactive, interesting, fun, and I learn a lot from her teaching style.  I would love to take more classes under Prof. Higgins’ again and again. – M. Wagner 
Observing the Charm School team coordinating my daughter’s audition inspired me to go back to college and finish my degree! – Audition Audience Member
Congratulations on an awesome performance!  The MLK fashion show was impressive.  It went over well…Young people dressed in elegant attire…AWESOME!!! – Mrs. Shaw 
Unlike some of the other companies in the modeling industry, Charm School, Inc. is a company of integrity and legitimate.  We deliver on our promises and won’t mislead you.  I enjoyed models training with Charm School! – Miss Frazier

Prior to my daughter meeting Ms. Higgins, her grades were 1.0. She was uninterested in school.  Upon completing the classes, Ambers GPA rose to 3.0.  She won Jr. Class scholarship. Her circle of friends changed.  She befriended kids with the same mindset. Her grades, attitude, dress, mannerisms changed.  She is in a better place. She’s not where she was.  This training was icing on the cake! – Ms. Moore.
Perfect! Perfect! Absolutely Perfect. – Miss Sue –Lord and Taylor
Can you duplicate yourself 50 times? You are so needed! – Mrs. Eggleston’s Neighbor
Charm School, Inc. is a luxury…a present…a treat…and investment.  There is something special about it.  I could see it in Nana’s eyes.  Everything looked good on her! – Miss Gibson
Tamara’s teachers noticed her improvement right away!  She misses charm school. – Ms. Jones
Your Charm School speaks to a need – Ms. Lila
Everyone wants to take your classes!  The line is always out the door! – Ms. Heinz
Charm School, Inc. is bigger than what people expect.  I can see Ms. Higgins’ drive.  She’s not dreaming, she’s making it happen! – Mrs. Bell
When Brittanee won homecoming queen at Spellman, I knew it was because of her Charm School Training with Ms. Higgins.  She knew exactly how to answer the interview questions and how to turn her head to the audience with such poise, finesse, and confidence. – Ms. Cook
Charmique helps recapture our youth and reclaim our identity. – Father Parent

Website Disclaimer - Charm School is a reputable training entity that has serious entertainment industry connections. Charm School does not make promises of careers in the industry however, the company does provide real experiences and exposure. The number of casting calls and modeling opportunities varies by location, roles available, and the level of experience required. As with any business, results may vary and will be based on individual dedication, capacity, experience, expertise, and desire level. There are no guarantees concerning the income level the user may experience.
Charm School is a designated (501)(c)(3) not-for-profit entity. The site is an opportunity venue. 
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